hello, I'm Felipe Pavão
Welcome to my world

I'm a software developer among other things.
Take a look below if I can help you.

Tech Stuf

I've been working with open source technologies since 2003, programming websites, e-commerce and web systems for several companies. I chose the technologies below because they offer productivity on my work and better costs for my clients.

Nowadays, I am a part-time freelancer because I can work in different projects, doing all kind of tasks and keep learning new technologies. With discipline and compromise anyone can do a lot of tasks neatly. So, I am prepared to help you with:

  • Web development in WordPress / WooCommerce;
  • Implementations in Laravel, Ruby on Rails and Django;
  • Hosting infrastructure for PHP applications;
  • Frontend and web responsive tasks.

Free time

At my free time I love go to restaurants and watch movies with my wife and stepson, play with my pets, go to the Rio de Janeiro's beaches and get some Rock n Roll with the Johnny Fuzz.

Hire me

Now you already know about my life, my work and the things I can do, send me a message with your issues. I will be glad in help you.

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